How Elda dropped 2 sizes and 20 years

do-or-do-notA client of mine was in the clinic last week and she looked incredible.  Elda had a smile on her face and overall just sort of beamed…not in the Hollywood version- love at first sight, “Dream Weaver” background music way, but in a real and genuine, “I’ve got control of my life and am confident and happy” way.

She just needed a little tune up because of all the walking she was doing.

Walking? The last time I saw her as a patient it hurt her to work. Her job was at a shop and she was the cashier at check out. It hurt her to stand. To sit. To get up and walk over to the door. She was a deconditioned body time bomb.

She told me, occasionally if she’s really feeling good that day, she’ll even pick it up to a little jog, because…why not? She told me , “It’s not fast or anything but I don’t care, it’s just nice to move like that.”

“When is the last time you had jogged?” I queried.

“Never…Never in my life that I can think of.”

As we continued the conversation I continued to work on her. I wanted to get her a loose fitting tee shirt so I could work on her shoulders a little so I asked, “Elda – what size do you wear?”

“A large please….I was a XXL the last time I was here.”


That’s something. I asked how much weight she has lost.

“No idea,” she said.  “I never kept track.”

We spoke on this for a while. About 8 months ago she just got sick of being a little old Mexican abuela and decided she’d had enough.  “I just started walking.”

“I go every day, or most days. If I’m feeling bad I just skip a day.  It’s easy and fun and 8 months of it makes a difference.”

After a month, she said she completely stopped sugars because of all the negative affects she heard about.  She wasn’t interested in the science, just her own experiment into no sugars.    Pretty soon it was breads as well.

“And now,” she says, “with virtually no work or effort whatsoever I feel completely different and way better.”

When I asked her, “How about age…how much younger do you feel? “

With absolutely zero seconds of hesitation she answered,

“20 years.”

20 years!    20 years?    20 freaking years.

If she would have been told, at 62 years old, there was a way to feel and act and operate 20 years younger  – she would have paid a million dollars, refinanced the house and sold her dog to get it.

Let this sink in this week.

Elda is no scientist or teacher…but she has a lesson for us to understand if you’re ready to listen.

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