Directory of Podcasts and Audio

The Plant Paradox – Dr. Steven Gundry (book review)

A 5th grader’s Analogy for Inflammation

Intermittent Fasting

Chad introduces and analyzes the latest dietary trend and the science behind it.

Hearing the Inner Voice

Why it might be beneficial, or at least worth while, to go with your gut.

Things That Should Be Dead in 2018

What we see in 2018 that shouldn’t exist.

Duck Feet

We all know what Duck Feet are. Here, Chad talks about why Duck Feet are dangerous and how to fix it.


Chad gives his thoughts on the dietary trend that has gained recent popularity.

Your Goals Suck

Analysis on the goals we set and how to improve them.

“Why are doctors so F***ing incompetent?”

Chad speaks on the disconnect between doctors and patients.

Therapy vs Therapeutic; And why you’re screwed.

Chad talks about the difference between therapy for injuries and techniques that give comfort in the short-term, but make the injury worse in the long term (therapeutic).

What do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Audio of our popular lifestyle article, What do you want to be when you grow up?


Audio of why electrolytes are vital.

4 Reasons Why You’re Tight and What To Do About it

Audio of arguably our most popular health article, 4 Reasons Why You Have Tight Muscles and What To Do About It.


Headspace is a popular phone app that helps with meditation and mindfulness in modern life.


Wim Hof

Chad talks about the Iceman Wim Hof and his breathing and cold emersion techniques.

How Elda Dropped 2 Sizes and 20 Years

Audio associated with the article How Elda dropped 2 sizes and 20 years.

Plantar Fasciitis

Chad breaks down the specifics and how to treat Plantar Fasciitis, a common foot ailment.

Just Pay For The Skittles

Audio of Just Pay for the Skittles


Do These Guys Look Nervous?

Audio accompanying our article Do These Guys Look Nervous?


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