Showers for Joy and Fulfillment

…everyday tasks such as “coming home from work”, “hanging out with your co-workers” and my addition, “taking a shower” take up a significant chunk of your life.   Showers, estimated at 182.5 days of your life count. Let’s do these well.

Are You Healthy Enough to SURVIVE?

Do everything you can to never be in a fight in the first place.

Prepping for the least likely scenario is smart.

Failing to prep for the more likely scenarios is careless.

Low back Pain – A Learning Lab

I think this is where the mistake in a TON of low back issues occurs

How about taking a deep breath and now bearing down as if you were pushing out against a weight belt?

Intermittent Fasting

  Although not really a revolution in nutrition or eating pattern, Intermittent Fasting has been gaining major publicity lately and … More

Duckfeet Podcast

We are trying a new podcast-style audio only post format. In this podcast, Chad talks about Duckfeet. What they are, … More