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This entire BeAwesome page has been really getting fun lately.  The ideas that there are better ways to do stuff…Running, nutrition, anxiety help…heck, just life…It’s exciting!

I LOVE doing articles for this page.  I’m up on ITunes and Spotify – There’s a recurrent TV spot on Coastal Living.  This is getting bigger and better each week.

I love to share tips and tricks I’ve picked up and put them out there

If I’m going to go forward with this page and podcast and site – It’s in an effort to help you live BETTER.   So I explain my ideas, not just tell you what to do.

By getting you to think about a subject, to understand the subject matter it just automatically becomes personal.   But we’re a busy species!  just keep it simple Chad..Please!

I will always strive for simple explanation.  But that’s a 2 part attack.  In order to make it simple, I  need to do a little explanation.   Hence the 7 to sometimes 20 minute episodes.   Without explanation it’s just fluff.

There will be no one-liner nonsense.


The gist of this page

I want you to stop being bogged down by MIS-Information and half ass approaches that get you nowhere.

Anything related to making people better…AT ANYTHING,  I want to know about and will research and play with.  By trade, I am a sports based chiropractor and my real passion lies in Human Performance.  I LOVE to test the systems, looking for a better way.  I love research on what is new and cutting edge as well as what ideas help me just plain live a better life.

I have a 17 year track record that confirms this and have a great practice but I am tired of sharing information one person at a time in my clinic.  It’s exhausting.  I love my job and my career but I’m from a family of teachers, I want to teach.  I want to share info and then hear back on the experience.

A faster/bigger petri dish to experiment is what I’m looking for.

The problem arises in that if I I need a web site/podcast/bloggie type avenue to reach more people.   So – BeAwesome365 was born.

There is a health, fitness and psychology revolution going on that you need to be a part of!

There are all kinds of fantastic tips and tricks that can do everything from save you time to make you run faster.    There is a steadily growing field of super geniuses changing the entire scope of the industry of LIFE.   I want to be an avenue to help you reach this.

I have 4 young kids, a busy work schedule, a web site and I travel a lot.  Sometimes I feel stressed.

I’ve improved my life a lot lately and I want to teach you how to improve yours along multiple facets.

Usually I’ll sprinkle in some fun and attempts at humor while we’re along for the ride.

Learn from me – Even better, participate with me and we’ll all improve together…it’s called accelerated learning.

I want you to be a part of it.