Kelly Starrett


Dr. Kelly Starrett is the OG that I feel opened up this whole wild world of “Do Better.”   Especially as it pertains to the rehab world of physical therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, personal training and strength coaching.

He is a direct motivator for this website and many of his tools and tricks are offered up on this site with my own personal twist.

His books and book series highlighted by the “Supple Leopard” systems is a text book of information making you ready for the game of life.  The name of this book explains his whole universe…A leopard doesn’t stretch and worry about calf sleeves and if his workout and supplements are effective for this time of day…No!  He just jumps on the damn antelope and eats!

He is so important, that if you were to call around searching for your own physical therapist or rehab specialist one of  your first questions should be..”Do you know who Kelly Starrett is?”

Yeah, he’s that big of a big deal.

I have his books for sale in my own clinic because, like him, I think you can do more, do better, and do a lot of this stuff at home.

He is always seeking out new tools and techniques and then shares his findings with the rehab world. He’s sleek and no BS. Exactly what you need to get your life on the fast track.

The whole goal of BeAwesome365 is simple and fast – when you feel like you want to learn the the nuts and bolts and want MORE info  – get his stuff.

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