Brain Mackenzie

brian mac

Brian is the “Unbreakable” guy in the fitness and running world especially if you prefer the fringe.

As in:

“Runners should lift weights?”

“There is actually a BEST way to run?”

“Crossfit?  really?”

“There’s a better way to train running without just hours of long slow distance?”

“What the hell do you mean I can train for a marathon by running sprints?”

(hint:  “yes”)

Look, be ready – this dude is 100% confident in his style and doesn’t care one rat’s ass about what you’ve seen and done or what the running magazines are putting out. It’s why you don’t see his articles in the mainstream runner’s magazines – He’s so counter-culture its scary…except that he’s correct.

He has a no BS, idiot proof way of getting you to your peak in less time.

The secret is twofold – interval running (hard work) and lifting weights.  Yep Runners have got to lift weights – you may have heard me preach this on BEAWESOME365. Over and over again.

As in, you cant run a Ferrari on a Volkswagen engine.

He is a proponent of POSE running style. The POSE method, something Valerie Hunt (one of his colleagues) brought to my attention, absolutely revolutionized the way I teach and the way I run and is what you should be doing.

Of all the “Dude’s you should know” he has perhaps the hardest task as it seems the minions just don’t want to change.  Especially the fast guys. But what if the fast guys could be faster and Unbreakable?

The book is exactly that, “Unbreakable Runner” –

But he was a machine in the industry well before the book. He’s the man of the running world and if you don’t agree with his style, frankly he doesn’t care – tell him all about it.  But you better do it in the starting chute, because you wont see him after the gun goes off.

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