Jill Miller


A girl?  In the Dudes you should know section?  Of course.  She’s only the first of many – an obvious unanimous vote and, if you have spent any time around me or this site, you already know her stuff, just maybe not by name.


Jill is the author of “The Roll Model” which is the basis for my Tak Ball use on any of my Rehab-To-Go stuff.

In our clinic we use her main tools – squishy balls that she calls Yoga Tune Up and we refer to as Tak balls. I order directly from her site. You should too.

Much of my Rehab to Go is condensed and streamlined –  packed with ways to quickly work out areas of the body.  Jill Miller’s book and system is detailed and very thorough.   My personal edition of her book is riddled with post it notes and sticky pointers highlighting pages I use over and over again.

She also gave me the ball that is my preferred tool for neck stabilization rehab.

That’s the way it is in the health industry guys…Take someone’s information and system, use what works for you and customize it and repackage it for your use.  If you like my Tak Ball stuff and the way we use it but want more – an in depth look with a lot of essentially yoga type work – cut to the chase and follow the best in the game – Jill Miller.



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