Tim Ferriss

timThe Godfather.

The revolutionary.

What more can be said?   Tim inspired me and has inspired millions and is perhaps the most influential “accelerated learning” teacher the planet has ever seen.

His 4 Hour series of books will change your life.

That’s a bold sentence. I stand by it.

He also completely changed the pod cast environment as well as has a tremendous influence in what we see as social media. He is a GIANT!

His social circle is the “who’s who” of damn near every industry and his nearly perfected and always copied style of interviewing the Titans of these industries brings a true feeling of insider info and gives the motivation we all are seeking.

If you don’t know Tim, you’re way behind already – check out his stuff.  Right now.

He often asks his interviewee’s, “what is one book you have gifted to the most friends?”

Their answer is more often than not the same as I would answer, “Why Tim…it’s one of yours.”

The 4 Hour Workweek is what I would give every high school graduate and although it didn’t give me a 4 Hour workweek, it did shave perhaps 20 hours off my WEEKLY schedule and has decreased my “crap work time” (time doing stuff thats not enjoyable..notes, call back, answering emails etc.)  to less than 4 hours no doubt.

That’s giving me a substantial chunk of my life back.   As much as he has inspired and changed my life he has influentially created tens of thousands of new businesses and inspired millions to, for lack of a better word, create.  He’s as influential to my generation as Oprah and maybe just a handful of people on the planet have that rep.

I have never met Tim Ferriss, yet he has changed my life for the better multiple times.  I am a voracious reader – so much of the people I have started reading and following have come from his introductions via his books, podcasts, emails, interviews etc.

He is a dude you MUST know.

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