Motor Control Prescription

brain to body

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Motor control is the ability for the brain to control the muscle it is intending too.  In high level sports often times these little “hacks” can be the difference maker in how the body reacts and responds in a maximal state.

I often lecture that there are 5 major components in health and with any injury:

Muscle and Joint



Connective tissue (fascia, ligament, tendon)

Motor control

In any injury any or all of these 5 can be a culprit and part of the path to recovery.

Motor control is not often utilized clinically in my practice but works amazingly with stubborn injuries and when recovery seems to be lagging.

This stuff can go incredibly deep – I’m going to keep it simple and sweet with the BIG 3 covered and only as a rehab prescription.   Not the explanation.

I’m happy to write up a deeper explanation if there is an interest. For now I’m posting this more as a subscribers tool for recovery if they’ve been interested in the at home therapy.

Quick steps for Motor Control (also known as neuro reconditioning)

Diaphramic Breathing (Belly Breathing)

Lie face up on the floor or bed, one hand on your belly, one on your chest. Breathe deep and feel the stomach rise.

Focus on not having the chest rise!

On exhale, squeeze the core as if you were pinching someone’s hand between your back and the table. Do these 12x

Dead Bugs

  • On your back, assume a child’s crawl position.

  • Work the legs and arms – focus on same side elbows to knees

  • :30-45 sec by 3x

Contract one glute

  • Stand on one leg, focus on contracting the glute on the leg touching the ground.

  • X12 each side (when you are good at this do it without standing on one leg)

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