I feel like a perfect 7!

recently found his stuff.

I can only hope that sometimes, my site does this for some of my followers, I think its an essential part of life, to share some knowledge and insight that changes someone else.  I know I try to do this all the time in my clinic, I want to do it here on my Be Awesome 365 page as well.

So, I’ll preface this article with this disclaimer.   My wife as I told her my story idea for today states, “So basically, you’re just going to cough out one of Mark’s posts and call it your own….”

Possibly.  He does cover this stuff in his own way.  Outright plagerism, I don’t think so, but I definitely wouldn’t turn it in for a graded college journalism article I can tell you that.  I have altered it enough to command a repost or redo in my own style.  If it helps me and it helps you, well then, I want it up on my page, so here it goes.

In one of Mark’s podcasts he talks about an old psych study where a bunch of people were asked to “Rate their happiness” on a scale of 1 to 10.