Headspace is an app that I and 1 million other people subscribe to that focuses on meditation.

It is as no-bullshit as it gets and I recently described it to a group of friends as “meditation for pheadspacepngeople who aren’t into sitting cross-legged and quiet for an hour.”

Andy Puddicombe is the founder and narrator and even though I haven’t met him, he is responsible for a huge shift in my world and stress levels.

The app is free for use as a trial (you could use it free indefinitely) and even the most stubborn of my friends admit they like the way it works and thought it did them good.

“I’m not into meditation” you say.   Here’s my pitch…

I use it as an end of workout recovery tool. I’ll also use it to catch a quick nap or to fall asleep.

The sweet spot is that is starts and ends in ten minutes!

A typical ten minute session leaves me recharged and honestly, I couldn’t tell you if I was out for ten minutes or a three hour nap.   For me, it’s like being given the gift of time.

That’s how I use it.

Look, we’re busy.   It’s great to have a way to just unplug and relax, nap, chill or whatever word fits you and there is tons of research and evidence into it all.   It’s just good for you. 10 minutes fits my world easily and I am 100% sold on Headspace as the best way to do it.

Andy puts me out. More like hypnosis than mediation for me.

The basic setup is a 1 minute cartoon analogy just to show you the intent of the day an then Andy starts his magic. His distinctly relaxed British voice is just the ticket to get me in the Zen-Zone (Scrabble 75 points.)

The best way to experience it is to get the app and try it for free for yourself.

One more pitch from me..to buy this app (lifetime) is $100. That’s crazy money for an app.   To me, it was worth every penny. Then I found out a week later, Headspace just got to 1 million subscribers. Let that sink in.   How good are you to create a product that costs $100 and then sell it a million times?!

Yeah, Fantastically good.

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