Shin Splints

Sports, we love them over here. We strive to push you and have you training in full swing and full intensity. We’re … More

Frozen Shoulder

Although the name of this condition suggests complete lack of mobility and motion, the modern idea of this shoulder issue … More

Glutes- Yep, they’re that big of a BIG DEAL!

Your glutes are the most important muscle in your body for day-to-day functionIf these muscles are working improperly, if they are too short and tight or MORE COMMONLY, too elongated and over-stretched, they cause problems through your hips, IT bands, lower back and knees. Problems here would affect power outputs for athletes like football players and people lifting weights. Issues here decrease speed in runners and loss of endurance and marathoners and triathletes. You couldn’t even throw a ball to the best of your ability. 

This is a common problem for most people. Although common, it is not OK and it is still a problem.