The One Minute Rule

  • If you see something that needs to be done


  • It takes less than one minute to do


If you don’t and it fits the above criteria, you’re cheating.

This is often but is not excluded to:

Picking up shoes, hugging your kids, complimenting a new outfit, cleaning up the fast food packages in your car, hanging up your clothes, wiping the toilet seat off, that piece of paper on the ground, kissing your wife, taking the full trash out and any and all others that may come up.

More than one minute stuff like:  Taking the Christmas lights down, The dishes, vacuuming, writing a love letter, rearranging the front room, catching up on your taxes, planning a vacation, family game night, finding your youngest son’s lost matching shoe… These projects takes more than one minute and a little planning and think-thru will most likely better structure your day.   Complete the “minute+” work when it benefits you and your life.

However, if it takes less than one minute, you have to do it.    This rule starts NOW.


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