ARCHIVE – All Articles Before May 2018

Do These Guys Look Nervous?

Your Goals Suck

FE – Application and Use in Modern Society

Here Are Some Things You Can Learn From Me About Parenting

Why We’re Not The Experts For Our Kids

Foot Races For Wager or Dispute Resolution

My Incomplete List of Stuff I see in 2018 that I Shouldn’t

The One Minute Rule

The Characters in My Life

The “No Hassle Tax”

“Honey, If You’re Going to Buy Shoes, Make Sure They Fit.”

You down with OPF?

What You are Actually Paying For

I feel like a perfect 7!

It’s called a CLUE.

When a dream lets you LIVE again…

The Amazing Story of Tommy T

The Tool of Search

How the gods Entertain Themselves

Your Very Own Sitcom Laugh Track

Excuse me, Would you please pass the Love…The ELOVE?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

You Can’t Blame it on Age

The strange correlation of 1990s TV and my Pillars of Life.

Galloway Method – Take 1

Getting Fit, Now!

Your doctor can’t help you if you’re Deconditioned!! (now edited and remixed for 2K18!)

The Time Credit Card

(more body hacks) My Personal Rant on Tight Muscles

Simple Answers for Life’s Complex Questions

If I Gave Your Graduation Speech -Uncle Chad (My TED talk)

The enjoyment of my time table aka: My life as “Team Chaos”

First Blog Post – “I feel like my head can drain.” The reason for being/creation of Be Awesome 365


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