The Snowball Effect of Wearing the Right Underwear

 For you that follow me on podcasts, blogs &  social media  you know I’ve been having a bit of an online identity crisis. –  I have spent the last three or four months working on my newest project, Dr. Chad which I had pegged as the evolution and new version of BeAwesome 365.

Nothing was really “wrong” with BeAwesome365, I just decided some of the more silly rambling type of “finding small happiness is in your life “just wasn’t the direction that was catching on.  

Not that the direction was wrong, I was OK and even proud of it. My mind works a little bit different than most and I kind of like the weird stuff especially when it pertains to happiness. 

 No, it was more that I just wanted to get involved in the healthcare field as an education professional. I want to teach, and I want to teach the things that I feel are my strong suit.    The revamping and modernization of the health care field.   I wanted popularity with followers and thought I should reflect more professionalism.   Less Bloggy and More lecturish.

It is just so incredibly easy for me to create content in the health field because it’s what I do every day and where I see a lot of mistakes being made. My career keeps me in constant touch with the population and how they feel about health.    What’s wrong what’s right and mistakes being made by clients and teachers.   I’ll be honest with you.  I was also a little jealous of guys with no chops making a living with crappy videos of girls in sports bras and bikini’s getting popped.   If THAT GUY can make a living doing online stuff surely I can with quality info right??

So I’ll cut to the chase – I was basing my content on clicks – testing the waters to see what type of ideas got the follows, likes and shares.   

But then I’d get one of these wild ideas that make up 95% of this page.   The site just built to have little tips and tricks that make a difference in your happiness which -I feel makes a huge and dramatic difference in your life.

In all honesty, I don’t even know which direction is actually the more important one for our well-being.   Body health vs happiness and fun- as if it’s a contest between the two.    The answer of course is that it takes a balance.

Which leads me through this drawn out intro, sorry – I need two platforms – BeAwesome and DrChad are just different ideas and feels – the professional and the seinfeldy observation silly.  So be it!  

This particular article…about underwear choice -, No doubt has found its place in the proper website/podcast/blog and also in the proper place in my mind.   I can see clearly now there are two related but completely different styles in the types of content I like to create and will do my best to separate these into their proper place from here on out, so my dozen or so fans don’t keep getting repeats.

This particular article is it going to go back a little bit, back to the style and idea similar to my articles on taking a perfect shower and comparisons of life to a rollercoaster – basically the kind that has my dad texting me five minutes after I post asking, “Chad, are you smoking dope?”

No dad.   Still not smoking dope- however I did come across a remarkable life lesson today and wanted to share it with my friends.

So here goes – 

“The snowball effect of wearing the right Underwear”

I have a habit of reading a little bit every morning prior to coming to work.   Not social media or news but from a bonafide book- content that somebody wanted to have a lasting affect and not be a 30 second flash in the pan.

What I read today was a very interesting article about how using positive words actually correlated with a lower incidence of heart issues. With an inverse correlation finding of negative words increasing heart conditions.    This was based on a study of over 80 million tweets on Twitter.  That’s a big number.   Can words, Specifically expressed in our own head, seriously contribute to heart health?   Because that’s amazing.

I was explaining this idea to my wife while I was getting dressed to go to work and she did what she typically does, nods her head in all the right spots and feigns interest while I go rambling on.   It’s best to just let the water buffalo keep charging I guess. 

By the time I got dressed I was all worked up and excited but incredibly anxious and uncomfortable.

I looked in the mirror and switched focus, “I hate the way I look today, I hate the way I feel. I can tell this is already going to be a crappy Monday.”

You can see the trouble of being my wife already can’t you?   All excited about the positive words changing my health but yet start my own day with a piss poor attitude?

Barely looking out from her phone, she says, “Chad, seriously.   What’s up?   It’s something simple that’s for sure.    Figure out what’s wrong before walking out that door!”

So I did something I rarely do..

I paused and did a full body self-assessment.

How does this shirt look, how do pants feel, do I have any pain anywhere, headache, hungry..are my shoes on the right feet?   A Typical full body self assessment.

All systems go.   Check check check I can’t find a problem.  I’m just “off.”  

But wait a second, maybe there is a problem.  My underwear didn’t fit right.   

See I have this one brand of underwear that seems to be the jackpot of all underwear’s.  It’s right, it has worked for me for years and it basically I never think about -just set it and forget it.  Perfect to the point of never giving it a thought.

I’ve tried dozens of brands.  Men’s underwear has got cool and brands like saxxs, cinch and under amour have even been screen printing cool stuff on them over the last decade. – more designs, funny little blips, movie scenes.  It’s a pretty cool industry I’ll bet.  

But none of them work, for me.  I like Adidas.   No matter what I try, I always go back.

I like the spandex-y mid length Lycra type – stretchy tights.    Ok for goodness sake let’s just call it what it is.    They’re pantries for men.   They are!   Call them tights or drawers or whatever – they’re men pantries.   Made of the same silky fabric and everything.   

Ahh.  I feel better that’s just out in the open.   Let’s move on already…


Now Adidas, like any company, makes many different versions of their underwear.   The same basic underwear but with a different length inseam, different cut or a slightly new style, pattern or material.

The packaging for men’s underwear is almost Identical despite the small changes. The marketing company knows what is selling and so they put all their different styles into very similar packaging highlighting the brand name over the actual product.   This is industry  standard- most Nike shoes come in orange box with a giant white swoosh on it-  The shoe inside might be different but the outer wrapping is going to look the same for brand recognition.  

The same thing happens in underwear.  

So what happens is I have a dresser drawer full of probably 40 pairs of very similar looking underwear yet with varying degrees of differences. Half of these are my tried-and-true perfect underwear that when worn is forgotten about immediately and not thought about again until the end of the day.

The other half is so similar that it is basically undetermined which pair I put on.  To the naked eye, they’re the same.  For most men, they may not even be attuned to the changes, it may be unnoticed.  However the result of wearing the wrong pair is a utter and complete change in my entire day.

Putting on underwear is such a subliminal thing because we have done it since the day we got out of diapers.   It’s like breathing and socks, we just get used to it and just go on.

Well today I became aware of it.  During my self-assessment I realized what was wrong. I looked up at my wife with, I’m sure, a look of astonishment and incredible universal comprehension, The look a scientist gets when he finally cracked the code.   I figured out the mystery and solved the riddle!.  My day from this moment on would be redefined and improved.

My wife just nodded understandingly, maybe with a little pity and almost certainly with a bit of “How did i say yes to this basket case all those years ago?”  That I’m assuming a lot of wives must feel from time to time.

“The underwear!”  I exclaimed.  “ It’s the underwear!   It’s all wrong!”  

I changed and the results were nothing less than astonishing.   

It’s like changing your pillow over in the middle of the night-immediately perfect and gratifying like cold water or a cold beer is after mowing the lawn.

Now this is nothing new for my wife.   Women just handle stuff better.  

Years ago she showed up to work with her thong on sideways.   It seems to me that that wouldn’t really be that big of a deal.   A thong is basically the same no matter what direction it fits… or so i thought.   She was all over the place that day.    Weird, agitated, in a hurry -just way off.

She went into the bathroom and discovered her mistake and made the adjustment.   Back to life, game on.   I just didn’t get it until I experienced this today.

   It’s the situational awareness deal from the tactical training world.   You dont know what you don’t know until you’re made aware of it at a personal level.  

 Changing underwear today perhaps changed my entire life! 

I felt better, looked better and had a better outlook on my Monday.

I’m certain I walked with more confidence and am 100% positive you could see the actual spring in my step both the psychological and the physical as my balls no longer felt like they were in a vice!!

But here’s where it got weird – OK if you’ve made it this far into the story… Weirder.

The clients that I saw in my office today brought me more joy than a typical day. The music that was playing in my office seemed to hit, like I had my own personal DJ ..”read my tastes and play that song.”   An all day long dance in my step.   I shared jokes and laughs with my staff and we even changed the decorations around the office, something I have been putting off for a few months.

It was one of those perfect days that you see in the movies where everything just seem to fall into place.   

The day I came up with the idea for beawesome was one of these days.  I was just ON. If you ever feel like going back to episode one which probably doesn’t even have a podcast version i wrote, “I often feel happy to the point of smugness.”   You guys that are my personal friends know that I get like this from time to time, just crazy positive and happy where things are going my way. It’s not an act – it’s really how I feel.

We often look big – “How do I get HAPPY?”   We wait for the universe to provide.  But what I’m saying with this whole underwear metaphor is that it might not be the big, earthquake type bonanza we should be looking for.  If changing my underwear changed my entire day, like the Stephen King spaghetti string theory of the future…a true butterfly effect, then lets stop looking for the BIG changes.  

The small and minute is ridiculously easy to change.  Jeff Olsen nailed it,   “Little things done daily reap exponential results.”

I am on a quest during my lifetime to find out what things we all do as a human species that change the ratio of these awesome days versus bad days and even awesome days versus pretty good days.

I’m no expert, I’ve only been aware of doing this for the last five or six years. I would guess however if you went back even to my middle school days you see I was doing a lot of this kind of stuff subconsciously.

I recently wrote a graduation speech for the seniors of 2020 where I mentioned, “Often the greatest things in life aren’t actually  at all.”  This was in Reference to the Senior’s chasing money or material objects over happiness and good moments in our life.

Imagine something as simple as finding the perfect underwear changing the entire outlook of your day.

It’s a game changer.

It’s something you would definitely want to become more aware of.

The point of this article of course, is for you to do some of your own research. Could the perfect underwear actually change your day and change your ratio of awesome days?

I felt a little silly writing this one up today- 

I’m Dr. Peters for God’s sake.   Doctor implies seriousness -professionalism.  I’ve been too much into that lately.   My fun has been buried.   This one is one of those light mood-silly ones.  But still.   With profound results.   Maybe even larger results than the medical stuff.

Like Salazar says:

“Underwear is important.”

So Cheers to the relaunch of beawesome365 and the small 

Things that make a big difference.    It’s been a while.  

 Thanks for “hanging with me” all this time.    Oh man.   Sorry for that last one.    Too soon?  

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