You Have a Choice

In this hand, I have the fix for your problems. A fix.  You will live better, feel amazing and life as you know it will improve beyond comprehension.   In the other hand, I have a blue pill.   

How Should a Man Handle Vanity?

“I’m going to leave this coat in the car Nikki – I want to at least look cool – there’s a lot of people I haven’t seen for a while.”

Are You Healthy Enough to SURVIVE?

Do everything you can to never be in a fight in the first place.

Prepping for the least likely scenario is smart.

Failing to prep for the more likely scenarios is careless.

Neck Stabilization Video

Hold all your stress through the shoulders?    Massage, Chiro, PT only helps for a day or two? Believe it … More

You Win Some – You Lose Some

Today’s article is actually not about cliches at all, but a simple life winning moment I hope you can use for your betterment.