About Chad Peters

Chad Peters is a father, husband and active guy living in S. Texas along the coast.

I am a chiropractor by trade (Armadillo Sport Chiropractic) and I have always had a love for sports performance.

BeAwesome365 is where my passion and purpose come together.

A love and passion for human performance with a purpose of helping people get what they need and improve their lives.  I feel a need to change the industry and help you sort through the BS for fast effective advice and techniques.  Lately the drive to reach out to the masses vs the individual treatments I do day to day in my clinic has boiled over.

The upcoming new field and trends in “BioHacking” and just living a more efficient life with extra time devoted for fun has led me to this blog.

Its all set up to convey cool concepts, health hacks, life experiences and just a lot of fun to a larger audience.

-It seems after explaining new ideas or tricks one person at a time in clinic for hundreds of visits I needed a vehicle to get this information out to a larger number of people.   Classically, clients of mine come in for a sore shoulder or elbow or typical ‘chiropractic type stuff’ but we end up talking about running faster, or losing weight quicker or changes in human performance with high fat diets…stuff related to health but not what they initially came in for.

The chiropractic clinic just isn’t the place for this, I needed a different tool.   Hence BeAwesome365…