Both are cute, but Minimals are distinct and separate from mini-animals

Minimals is a term coined by my wife.  They are short ten to twelve minute workouts that fit your life and fit your style.

You are required to, at a minimum, get these in at least 5 days per week.

They can be extreme and tough or can just be movement based and relaxed but you are obligated to get it in each day.

Minimals fill the space that is often being occupied by, “I just don’t have time”,  “I couldn’t make the gym today (this week/month/year), “I am busy”, “I’ve been traveling” and “It’s been a helluvaweek.”

10 minutes man.

If you already hit the gym, a swim or a run –  you’re off the hook then.  These are the minimal “stand by’s”

The 10 minute “go-to’s”


You’ve got that I am certain.


You’ll feel like you accomplished something and it gives you a reason to eat better and sleep better.


I’ll give you a couple examples my wife and I use:

Go for a walk around the park

any number of great 10-12 minute DVD’s or videos on your phone or ap’s.  (literally millions available – just pick one already!) -you don’t even have to think or count or anything.

10 min yoga via ap or video

100 pushups /100 squats

100 Burpees

mile or two jog

TB12 workup with bands and movements

Play (not watch) outside with the kids


set a personal record for pushups/situps/squats/walballs/mailbox to mailbox runs, made freethrows …anything – for 10 minutes.   Challenge the neighbors – neighborhood records are cool.   Be the legend!  (neighborhood kids: “Dude, did you hear old man Peters hit 97 free throws in ten minutes?!    Think you can beat that?”)

I can rap these off for ever guys…fun, easy, simple and fits what works for my day.

It works like this…

“PHEW…what a day, Baby, I’m shot…”

“What’d you do for your minimal today?….Cool.”




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