You have to Pay to Play (The god’s rules of 3)


Hey guys, how’re those resolutions going for you?   Not so great? Hmmm.


My friend Amanda came into my chiropractic clinic today and we were discussing her issues.


“I was at the gym…I hadn’t worked out for nearly a year and just got sick of it.  I wasn’t feeling good, didn’t like the way I looked and just felt like a slug. So I’m getting back to it.  Ready to go and hit the gym…excited and motivated. The issue is, my arm cramped up like a tyrannosaurus the third time I even lifted a weight!!    Doc?…what the hell??!!”


Sound familiar?   

Maybe yours sounds more like this….


“I was on day 2 of my diet and finally had a plan to get back into shape and I got the flu and the train just came off the tracks!”


Or how ‘bout this all time classic?


“I decided I wanted to run a ½ marathon this year and on my fourth jog a dog ran out from behind a hedge and scared the bejeezus out of me and I tripped off the curb and sprained my ankle.”


Guys, Hangups are extremely common.  If it’s happening to you, I know you feel smashed.  Your goals, hammered into oblivion before you ever really even got moving.

I have patients in my clinic weekly that have just lost hope and drive because of something like this.   I would guess if I was a psychiatrist instead of a chiropractor I could track down many of life’s downward spirals to one or two similar incidences.   Why you’re grumpy, or 70 pounds overweight, or have not seen a gym in a decade.


 I know it’s real because I hear it all the time.

 “I can’t run anymore. Tore this knee up back in ‘94”

“Deadlifts are bad for me, I get hurt.”

“The stock market is too risky.”

“I tried that diet, It didn’t work for me..I got sick.”


Pick your poison here.  But with your poison pick your excuse..Oh no!  I know there was a reason.


So listen…relax a little – let me offer you a humorous  way of looking at these obstacles. And look, I speak from experience – not just my clinical experience but this entire article is written with me on the floor.   – yep, I Strained my back at the gym the other day. Terrible for business, a chiropractor with a sidewinder back, but shit happens – to all of us. So as much as I’m not excited being floor bound, unable to do much more than thumb the channel button on the remote up and down, I get it.   I Hurt, but I’m not scared and the second I start feeling better, I’ll get right back on the highway to excellent again and continue forging my path.


These roadblocks – they’re commonly known as the rules of three.  Or more properly, the god’s rules of three.


Have not heard of this yet? Wow I feel like I have let you down.  Everyone knows about the rules of three, you’re not cool unless you know the rules of three.


Basically, it works like this – in any endeavor – such as getting back into shape, saving money for something you want, eating well, it doesn’t matter what – in any endeavor, you will have three roadblocks set in your path before you are allowed to continue.  Sometimes there will be emergencies, sometimes painful injuries, sometimes T-rex claw hands – but there will most definitely be three hangups.


It’s Completely normal –  so why is it called the god’s rules of 3 ?   Great question…


Allow me to give you a peek into the inner workings of the universe.


Think of the mystical Greek and Roman god’s of antiquity.   Zeus, Athena and the rest of the clan sitting around up there in a cloud somewhere watching and interfering with the real world – mostly for their entertainment.   These are the troublemakers.

Other than just raining down random obstacles set up for their amusement, they are also guarding countless coliseums.   Beautiful column stacked arena’s packed with toga clad fans vying to be entertained by your exploits. These coliseums are built and labeled for whatever it is you are working on:    The coliseum for Running, weight lifting, diet, mobility, money acquisition – heck you name it, there is a coliseum for it.


In fact, if you come up with a new realm that you want to play in,  instantly a new coliseum is created and they’re responsible for it.  Well more accurately, they are responsible for measuring just “how bad” you really want to play.   You see…You have to pay to play homie.


So they sit up there and throw their lightening bolts of strained backs into your new Year’s resolution of working out every day,  ½ price margarita specials into your new diet plan, flat tires at your road trips and add blizzards and family reunions into the equation.  Almost always their chaos comes in threes.


The name of these gods has all but been lost and relegated to old myths, video games and Nike shoes  -For you and your life drama they are best known as the “wreckers of resolutions and good intent.”


Heck sometimes they even team up to save effort..why do you think the Superbowl and all of it’s beer soaked, BBQ smokie cheesy dip, coin flip bets of gloriousness happens on week 4 of your new year’s resolution?   


Ha!  It’s a test.   That’s why. That’s why Amanda’s arm cramped up.  That’s why my back hurts, that’s why grandma’s cat got stuck in a tree on date night.  It why your car broke down when you finally had a grand in savings and why you spilled ketchup on your tie before the interview.

A test.


Because before you play – You have to appease the gods of (whatever) and usually they need their payments in triplicate.


3 trials and tribulations in their honer to PROVE to them how much you want it.  
So now you know.   Guys I’m a pro at this, I’ve lived it and documented the results.    It SUCKS! But it’s a reality. Cheers to 2019, this is still the year you nail it!   Your problems will pass so Don’t quit... lick your wounds, pay the piper and get in there guys – greatness yet awaits you!

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