Neck Stabilization Video

Hold all your stress through the shoulders?    Massage, Chiro, PT only helps for a day or two?

Believe it or not – I’ve heard that before.  I’ve heard that pretty much daily for ohhh, about 14 years or so.

Most likely you have weak stabilizers.   Not tight muscles.

That’s not exactly right – I’d wager you have weak stabilizers CAUSING tight muscles.

This small change pays HUGE dividends!

Here is a short video on an underrated rehab tool.



  1. I’m one of those people with “chronic tightness” and I knew I would try this as soon as I have a ball. Tightness was bad last night, waking me up at 5 AM this morning. I was hurting bad enough that I knew I had to try this even though I had no ball. Didn’t hold the position long as the wall was uncomfortable on my head, but I achieved instant relief! Still pain free 8 hours later!!! Thank you for posting this Chad!!

    1. Daily for 14 days will fix the issue.

      If anyone needs a ball and is local to CC they are just $10. I have them in the clinic. If you are a parent look in the closet. You have a slightly deflated ball already. You don’t want to be rolling around however. It needs to be stability. If you are moving that working movers!

      Glad you’re feeling better. I know it counterintuitive and opposite of our first thought. Funny how that works like that

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