FE – Application and Use in Modern Society.


*FE (pronounced: {eff-E})   – a concept developed at South Dakota State University in the middle 1990’s as a conglomerate effort of the Jackrabbit football team.  FE, the abbreviated version of  “False Enthusiasm” is means and mechanisms of developing energy and enthusiasm for tasks that are not naturally, by their nature,  stimulating.

The term initially came to popularity during the long drawn out hours of summer camp or “2-a-days” where said football players would need to create an immediate and sustainable “aura” of excitement and adrenaline to not only get through the task at hand but increase their ability to thrive while subsequently decreasing boredom.   This application, applied correctly, allowed the team to best reach their maximal ability.

There are many methods of FE available as well as many products developed since the original introduction of FE during the heyday of the grunge 90’s.   Caffeine products such as Red Bull, MONSTER energy and Five Hour Energy have obtained incredible commercial success and are often lumped into the “chemical” brands of FE.  Banned substances such as ephedra and many proprietary blends of herbs and stimulants were available both in and off shelf versions for a time as the popularity of FE exploded globally.

Decades of research and application however have found that Natural occurring FE, started with group chants, primal yells, head bobs and nods of encouragement  ie, a team chemistry complete with back and forth “rah rah” type semi-aggression as well as a combination of butt slaps, high fives, smiles and group laughs will allow for the longest lasting, safest and best-valued  FE.

Since its early inception FE has been a staple to billions of people world wide and is utilized in the sports world, advertising, raising kids, long drawn out boring business meetings, late nights out and anywhere a boost of enthusiasm is warranted and/or needed.

Occurring naturally and organically, the derivative –  NE (natural enthusiasm) will often happen spontaneously, and often in conjunction or “kick-started” by FE.   In fact, FE has become so common place, especially in the youth sports world as well as high school and college populations that often participants are completely un-aware of such a term.   Indeed, this has led many researchers and historians to conclude that FE was neither created nor actually originated at SDSU in the ‘90s but was only first labeled and more accurately, developed there.    Discovered being the term most agreed upon in academia today.

Despite its modest beginning,  FE use grew quickly at the turn of the century in no small part due to former player Adam Timmerman.  Adam, who learned FE at SDSU and subsequently used it as a mainstay in Green Bay, Wisconsin while playing for the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers.   There, he and his newly converted teammates utilized it to negate the effects of freezing cold allowing him and the entirety of the Offensive line to participate bare skinned regardless of temperature.

Adam went on to winIMG_1747 Multiple SuperBowls while participating in the League and his techniques and exposure  would expedite worldwide use and impact.      Regardless of popular use to this day, FE’s discoverers remain humble and for the most part – forgotten amongst the general population despite a limited amount of fame within certain circles popular in their era.

FE is considered beneficial and extremely contagious as just a little FE can grow nearly exponentially creating, in effect, an instant and massive FE/NE party.   The effects of FE seem to be maximized when used in conjunction with a College Marching Band and in fact it’s initial discoverers give a great amount of credit, in part, to THE PRIDE OF THE DAKOTAS  -who laid the drumline and music track for a lot of the early inception and experiments with FE.

An easy explanation of working FE comes from an early printfomercial from SDSU’s own “BUM” campus newspaper circa August 1994, originally published Brookings, South Dakota USA – used with permission.

Imagine you’re on a team and headed out to the 300th practice of the year.   It is hot and sticky out –  you feel sore and tired and just don’t feel like it doing anything  today.  You love your sport but you don’t feel like practice.

Now imagine the sport is football and the guys you’ll be crushing heads with may or may not feel the same. The adrenaline factor is nonexistent as it is not game day but just practice #2 for the day.  What if your practice partner is feeling great and is going to walk all over you this afternoon?   A sub-par performance this afternoon could in turn affect your performance and even game time, which directly affects your social status, dating life and the fun factor associated with sports as a whole.

You NEED to get fired up…right now!

Friends, let me introduce you to FE.  It’s a tool you can use to get that fire going again and increase your passion, motivation and awareness.   FE is best used in small doses and can begin with nothing more than a few laughs and remarks during light stretching early in the practice timeline. 

The key is to immediately break silence.  A few random-but lively and loud -shouts of “yeahhh baby!” “whohooo” or “adda baby G” complete with light head slaps, butt slaps or high fives – can and should quickly escalate to full on cheers and hollering.   Jumping up and down similar to dances seen in hip hop clubs, group circling into tighter spaces and continued excitement should be encouraged and is a desirable effect and multiplier of FE.  Even shouts of “FE BAAAABBY!” seem to do the part and in no way should FE be something you feel like you need to hide or shy away from.

In no time you should be quite excited and the FE will have done it’s job.   Remember, these are the times of teamwork and team fun and FE should be a natural part of the development and proper production and use of FE.  It is OK’ed for everyday use.

FE is 100% NCAA compliant and has no harsh chemicals or stimulants that would have you crashing later in the following hours and is reusable over and over again as there is no nasty tolerance build-up.

Feel free to share FE as there is no cost associated to this product, it is our benevolent gift to the world in a humble effort to make the planet a better place for all. 

IMG_1748Although as you can see, FE was initially developed for use in football practice; the sport of women’s softball seems to be where the most expert use of FE can be visualized large scale wherein rehearsed and developed cheers and chants as well as full use of props and costumes is commonplace and a mainstay of “rally development.”

The developers encourage EVERYONE to experiment and play with FE in their everyday lives and continue to enjoy and utilize the use of FE in unique and demanding situations whenever necessary. To get through your day, sometimes you just need a little FE!

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