My Incomplete List of Stuff I see in 2018 that I Shouldn’t


I was driving down the street yesterday and saw a young

couple walking and just enjoying the day.  Why not?  The


celebration of Valentine’s was a day away the weather was calm and lovely.  As my eyes lingered on this happy couple for a brief moment  I couldn’t help but notice as the girl just flung a paper cup onto the property they were walking along.  In this case, some stranger’s lawn. Agh! The crime of littering? Really?

Modern Day:

This is 2018!  According to my Michael J Fox stack of VHS tapes from the  80’s – we are now living in the actual future – littering should be dead.  My staff and friends assure me my head has been buried in the sand but I have seriously not seen someone litter for over a decade.  Honestly – who just throws shit onto someone’s lawn?  It really stood out and gave me a reaction and within 3 seconds a whole article/post/blog or whatever you call my hybrid style of writing just formed. This one wrote itself.

Seeing that jackass throw her cup on some guy’s lawn created a cascade effect of other stupid stuff that just by sheer volume of common sense and experience of “wrong” should be done and over with… gone – a thing from antiquity– akin to cavemen trying to make fire with sticks – it’s the future, not my grandad’s era – let’s get on with it already.

The following is a, by no means exhausting,  list of easily rectified problems and my 2 cents of solutions.  It is listed below for your entertainment but hopefully will catch on with a “pay it forward” vigor and penetrate so much deeper.

PLEASE!   ADD TO THE LIST OF ANNOYANCES…this could be both fun and educational.

Littering – Diapers in the parking lot, plastic bags in the cow fields, cigarette butts tossed out car windows.  This needs no solution…don’t be a pig. There’s seriously, a garbage right over THERE.   The effort is nearly non- existent. Nobody just accidentally drops crap. You have to TRY to litter.   Stop.

Racism –Boom – #2!  Just like that  I’m coming in with the high heat. A touchy subject, are you nervous yet??  I’m aware that I am likely entering the realm of tipsie toes and caution signs by even mentioning the word as a white business owner. But dude……DUDE…. Why is this back? Ask your friends that are my age.  It was gone – anyone that lived in the 90’s and early 2000’s will tell you. ..Skin color just didn’t make a lick of difference and if anything was like a reverse deal. Ethnicity was cool. I dressed, talked, tried to walk like the guys I looked up to – almost all of them a different skin color than me. This applied to a lot of my life.  My favorite artists, rappers, athletes, clothes makers, movies I watched were straight hip hop baby. The athletes I competed against could have been green with yellow polka dots and I wouldn’t have noticed and I have no idea of the skin color and /or sex of most of the authors I read.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Even the comedy of the Day – Def Jam, Carlin, Will Smith etc did acts on this stuff all the time. No one had their feeling hurt or played the racist card.  Now even Chapelle gets shock value out of the ethnicity jokes…wait – these were funny a decade ago, now their cutting edge risque’?

Does anyone other than a few kooks with a YouTube page seriously care anymore – why is this an issue?   In 100 years,  2118 this will be one of the things my great grandkids just look at and think – “we’re these guys just stupid or what?”  My kids absolutely couldn’t believe a word of what their teacher told them on MLK day.  “Dad, was that real….really?   why?” That’s my point, unless we all go out of our way to teach HATE- and teach superficiality. It won’t happen. It is not engrained or natural.

I get it…I’m not black, I didn’t grow up in the hood and I haven’t been in these people’s shoes. But I also kind of just don’t care. I also haven’t even been a beach hopping, private jet flying, NBA superstar or tycoon. I can’t live in your shoes because it’s not my life – I’ve got enough stuff to worry about on my own so let’s just have a beer and hang out – the game is on.

It seems someone, somewhere is making a bigger issue out of a smaller issue and the SOLUTION to racism is just to understand that some people are stupid.  Don’t be mad. They are just dumb and nothing you say or do will change their peabrains.  They are the outliers though. Stupid outliers that illicit a HUGE emotional reaction. It’s important but it’s not as big as you think… watch the Olympics, do the Olympians care?  Did anyone see the city of Brotherly love really divided when they won the SuperBowl. No! Not only did people of all classes and races party together but people and animals of different species.  Philly is crazy y’all  – a partying donkey?

So if this black dude beat up this Asian kid and this white coach benched this Indian athlete and this Pakistani professor flunked this Israeli student. Instead of racism, our first thought should be –

  • I wonder if, despite this dude’s skin color, he’s stupid
  • I wonder if that was just a random act and not premediated hate (example from above, maybe the flunked student actually didn’t turn in a project and that Asian kid that got smacked was a punk and damn well deserved it, not because he was an Asian but because he was a punk.
  • 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) fill in other rational, vaible reasons and then if that doesn’t float

10) Finally, that person is a bigot fascist racist  (see answer #1)



Using Social Media as your conscious stream of thought utilized for rants and opinions


Following along with what I feel is a HUGE overemphasis on race is the social media’s distortion of actual importance and severity of issues.  All Issues.


Mark Marson has one of his best articles entitled “The Age of Outrage.”  You should listen to it.


This article explains how as the internet has become all powerful and the time spent on the web exponentially increased we’ve morphed a tool built for connecting us into a tool separating us into small like-minded tribes.

The internet and social media specifically has allowed us to easily find like-minded people with like-minded opinions.  Whenever we want to.  This confirms our initial suspicion that we are each in actuality, correct in our thinking about EVERYTHING.   Our thinking is the Majority.  That feeling then allows us to feel free to correct and reprimand the minds that have any conflicting idea or thought from ours.  As if it’s our duty to help them see the light.

Politics is the easiest example of how this works and for some ridiculous reason the most used and abused.

You think Trump is awesome. You can find a million sites and quotes confirming this.

Think he’s a toad? You can find just as many sites and ideas confirming this.

It all there, exactly the same thinking you already believe – nothing to think about or internally digest or opinions that could be formed so hell, you must be right.


Now it’s time to get pissed at the guys that are WRONG…  Let’s post a Facebook rant blasting all those opposed.  Puh! –  that will make us look smart (maybe even a few of your like minded friends will “like” your post or comment agreeing with you.)   Even if it doesn’t go viral, it sure feels good to get your internal dialogue out in the open.


Stop.  Please. We all hate it – your views on politics, holidays, and religion, transgender in the military and 3rd grade bathrooms,  how to raise kids,  and a million other polarizing issues are your personal domain and should be ever changing and flowing as your experiences change.

I have so many friends with opposing beliefs than I have – that’s what makes our country great and my friends interesting – why on Earth would I blast them?! Please, Zuckerberg and I beg you, Make Facebook fun again and show me a video of your kid scoring a goal in soccer –

Look, I’m all for you THINKING whatever you want –

Just don’t tell me your opinion unless I ask?


Food that is bad for you

Nobody doesn’t know what’s good or bad anymore – Bad food is as bad as the previous sentence.  The ONLY debate should be the 15 organics that are important or the dirty dozen etc.  Not the merit of sugary cereal and crap as a mainstay food.  Have a cookie or chocolate every so often but look guys – Vegetables are seriously good for you and when your body has gone without 20x the sugar that’s ok for you they really start to taste good too.

Just like cigarettes and big tobacco of the 70’s and 80’s people in the now future (2018) should be acutely aware that sugar is bad for you.  In a lot of ways. Like warning label bad.

And the 2118 population I talked earlier –  they’ll think we were blind and dumb.


Visualize of a couple of WW2 era 11 year old kids behind a barn smoking unfiltered cigarettes.  Utter craziness – and my opinion the food is worse. Stop already.


The future kids will look at line charts of health problems starting in the 1980’s and continually rising and overlay an identical spiked chart of crappy food becoming a mainstay in the world and there will be no “aha” moment.  It will be and already is 100% OBVIOUS.


Our food intake and it’s relationship to health is 100% is causative.  There is NO DEBATE.


Our tastes have switched due to  years of saturation of crap that we now have the idea that Pringles are delicious.

Ask your friend the crazy vegan health nut to try a Pringle or big mac.  Their virgin yet pristine taste buds will cringe in a chemical overload of rebellion.


You: C’mon chad, how unhealthy can potatoes and cheese be?

Me:  That’s not what chips are made the label, there is 50 ingredients in chips and 90% are chemicals.

Remember the Cosby joke about dad giving the kids cake because it was healthy?..wheat, milk and eggs?    That joke nowadays would be a bomb.   First because Cosby is EXTREMELY unpopular but second because cake isn’t make from 3 ingredients like Grandma made. It’s from a box and has 50 ingredients and is basically cake flavored chemicals, more similar to cheezy chips than grandma’s cake.

But this stuff changes taste buds.  Give your vegan hippie friend Pringles for a week and they’ll start tasting good. Do it for a month or so and they’ll crave them.

Chemicals to make you taste food different – facts.   It’s all out there.


Solution?  Wake the hell up – experiment for a month with a Diabetic diet. No sugars. Zero. It will blow you away how much food tastes different.   Not easy initially, I get it. But it’s your health, money and genetics I care about– worth a self experiment?


Working out

Move more – eat less

C’mon.  You know this – get off your ass and do something MORE than what is easy.  You don’t have to destroy yourself but parking a block away from Walmart isn’t exercise nor is going for a walk.   Nor taking the stairs.  Do ball of this but add more when you can.   Work outs get sabotaged from my next problem..


Goal setting is the problem here – Stop – it rarely works and when it does that guru preaching setting goals is actually meaning to say look to change habits, not goals –

I’ve been preaching this since my personal trainer days.  In all things to do with your life –example:

Don’t set a goal of losing 20 pounds, set a challenge of :  “I’ll work out every day for 45 days”  and “I’ll radically change my diet for 30 days”  This creates a habit the result of which is losing 20 lbs.   It’s a small one word shift but HUGE change in results and mentalality.





Let’s embrace it – we are the now and the future we were dreaming about.   It’s up to us to make these changes individually – I figure if 7-8 Billion of us just wake the hell up and start acting appropriately all of this will become the new norms and the remaining will be shamed into complacency ..or just remain dimwits yet still get all the attention.

In any case you’ll know you’re doing it the right way for the right reasons and really – that’s probably all that matters.     To paraQuote my childhood friend Lincoln McIllravy – whom also was kind of an idol and became a 2x Olympian, “I don’t really care what everyone else does or thinks. What they believe or do doesn’t help me –  I have my goals,  I know what I want to be and do and I can work smarter, harder and be BETTER than all of them.”

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