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Anyway, I’m at the office late and was finishing up a couple seminars I have scheduled for later this month.  In case you haven’t heard, I speak and write a lot – in the clinic, blog sites, lectures, seminars, at your party, at home – you get it…

One seminar is for the police department, the other for coaches.    At the end of each seminar I show a bunch of pictures of the profession to drive home the fact although unfair at times, your look matters.  Your look, your body position, your demeanor and attitude, it really does matter.

Example:  for the police seminar we’re talking nutrition, workouts, health tips and common injuries and fixes – at the end, I show pics of buff cops looking good, female cops with authority and control, fat lazy donut eating cops, bumbling cops from the Dukes of Hazzard, Butt kicking Swat team tactical guys, cops asleep on the job etc.   The entire setup is just to make a point.  “There is a perception, and it’s your responsibility to control yours.”


This led me to a fun little drill that is new to me and as of right now I’m claiming  that

I invented it.


I will challenge the cops, firefighters,  coaches etc. to simply Google search their profession.  Then click images – a thousand pictures pop up instantly and gives you an overall impression.


Try it.    I did..I searched images of “Chiropractors”

The chiropractors I saw were friendly enough but 100% of the first 30 or so images had someone very doctor-ish –too doctor-ish;  white lab coat and stethoscope, deeply concerned about their patients’ health or lack of understanding of the severity of their issues or maybe we’re just thought of as constipated or I don’t know.

All I know is I didn’t like it.    Lab coats?  Scrubs?  Never!  I rarely have bodily fluids ejected on me.   Stethoscope?  yeah we use them for blood pressure and stuff but I don’t walk around with them on my neck.  Why not an otoscope for probing your ears I have one of those, never see pics of chiros handling those…I get it though.  It looks medical, it loks like a doctor, my profession has been trying to gain traction as a viable doctor for years so I’m online with the idea.   It’s just not who I am though.  I am so far past that point it seem archaic.

I don’t want to be that guy on there.   It’s certainly NOT my image and certainly NOT what I think of my profession NOR is it how I’d prefer to be thought of.  It was a HUGE revelation.

No, it’s not me -But it is a fantastic Barometer of what the public thinks.   My stereotype.  I now have an opportunity to confirm or change their opinion the next time I have contact with them and it made a huge impact on me.

It’s not a negative for me at all, I’m not mad, in fact quite the opposite.  The search for me is a reconfirmation of why I feel like it’s different and unique over in my clinic.


Did you like what you saw on your search?  If not, it is your job and responsibility  to change that mental image – not to change the stereotype or google search but change each of your day to day contacts – Your “personal look and personal stereotype”

Let them know you are unique and by bucking the norm it is easy to accent your features and attributes. You can’t change what you don’t measure.

But what if you like what you found?  Great – do you look like that?   In your dreams maybe?  – well make it happen.  You control your impression and it’s an important one.  Misconceptions, misinformation and just plain bad assumptions plague us all, you have control.

This tool of search (“search tool” would have been confusing)  doesn’t just have to be your job either – the sheer entertainment factor alone makes it worth it for other attributes.  I google searched other aspects of my life…“crossfitter” “40 year old dad” “super cool smoking hot husband” (safe search will want to be to the “on” position) etc.   Hilarious and informative.  Have fun and learn.  Life hack “google search” underway!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to create this blog. So far I am finding it educational, inspirational, motivational, entertaining and fun.

    Keep up the great week

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