Excuse me, Would you please pass the Love…The ELOVE?

I woke up at 4 am this morning.

I was dreaming of a long time friend of mine.  I haven’t seen Eric for nearly a decade but he was an integral part of my life in college and shortly after.  One of my closest friends;, in my wedding etc –  you get it.

In the dream he was being such a weird, goofy guy that I woke up because I was laughing and giggling so hard.   I woke my dog too.   It wasn’t just in the dream I was laughing but actually out loud.. reality laughing!


To wake yourself up via laughing is a WONDERFUL feeling.   I have had a fantastic day since.

One of the rituals I do each morning is to think of a friend I haven’t thought of for a while – well today was easy.   I knew whom I was thankful for and thought, “Why do I keep this to myself each day?  I’m going to text him and let him know that he’s in my thoughts and that he made me laugh.”

Just the act of sending him a text opened up a small back and forth dialogue and kept the good feeling alive.  I felt great for sharing.  Sending out good wishes made me feel Fantastic!

Why on Earth would I not do this every day?   Or at least 4/7 days a week?  Why not pass the love, send a brief email, Facebook or text to someone I haven’t thought of for a while that had an influence on me in my life.    If all energy in the universe has to come from somewhere else and be shared, why not put a little more Love and positive energy  out there in the world?

This could grow into a revolution!  Like the “Pay it Forward” trend  – but even more effortless and cost effective, we’re talking a text here people!

Try it out, add a little love to the world.  Think about an old acquaintance, teacher, coach, firefighter or cop, girlfriend or high school best friend and drop them an ELOVE.

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