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I have often said that the best thing about my job as a chiropractor is that it allows me access to all kinds of different people.  Athletes, wealthy extremely driven power brokers, busy moms of 4, groups of teenage kids, you name it and I’ve worked and talked with them. Image result for time credit card

There are commonalities between all groups but overwhelmingly, it is the differences that I ponder and enjoy the most.  The psychology of what makes people tick.  I have really started to enjoy the differences in humans as if I’m a character in a TV sitcom and all of these wonderful different personalities keep coming onto the set just for my entertainment.

It seems though, that the universal truths – the parts of us that are all similar are probably worth paying attention to as well.  There’s something there that we can learn from especially if as a species we are headed the same direction.


The one that seems to stand out more than anything is the need for more TIME.

I’ve spoken about the idea of trading money and time often.   It seems early in our professional careers, we are money driven to a point.  Now we all feel it differently and to different degrees but I think at some point money is king.  We think we need MORE. 

But, hang out with me for a week, talk to my clients and you’ll see clearly and immediately that the money thing seems to be a passing phase.  The busy moms, the determined teachers and the handyman all are seeking TIME.  Its much more valuable.

I have never, in my career had a single client state to me, “I wish I would have worked more.” Inversely, I hear almost daily, “I wish I would have played with my kids more.” or “It’s great you’re taking time off to vacation, I wish I would have done that more.”


You get the idea – I could bore you with 100’s of versions of this but I believe wholeheartedly that during your life, at some time the money/time ratio swings greatly to the time commodity.

Its non renewable – they don’t make more of it and its constantly being spent. 

Here’s how the time credit card came about.


Last week, my wife was sick with a stomach issue.  I needed to take the afternoons off for two days to drive out to the school and pick up the kids because I felt sure she couldn’t.  As a businessman, two afternoons add up.  That’s ZERO profit coming in and as a doctor I also had the guilt of rescheduling my patients.  Now look, as a family, I take a lot of time—we vacation.  Hard.   We are gone typically 2-3 months for trips and usually make something happen any 3 day holiday or just because.  But the unplanned afternoon off kind of got to me. 

The cool thing is, I really enjoyed these afternoons.  Grabbing my kids from school and shuttling them to practices, ice cream and dinner – trying to keep them from coming home in an effort to give my wife a break was a blast.  What I’m saying is –  it was TIME WELL SPENT.

The second day, I had to do it again and as I was sitting in my work chair and in my office and my brain in full business mode, I thought – “This is costing the company and me.”

So I whipped out my newest invention…The TIME CREDIT CARD.   I used it to buy an afternoon off. 

It works just like a monetary credit card.  I wanted something now, didn’t have the means for it, but got it anyway.

I’ll pay it back the same as well.  Lets say, in my 60’s.  Yes, when I’m 68 years old (or maybe in my 70’s) I’ll work an extra ½ day to make this up and in the grand scheme of things be even.  Heck, with interest I may even have to put in a full day.

Maybe I’ll scheme up another way to make money someday and make up the lost days prior to then. The truly great ideas usually come about during time off anyway.  It’s a great deal huh?

The Time Credit Card,  work essentially the same as your standard card but you own the black diamond sapphire edition with double miles and points on every single thing you ever use it for.  Because it offers nearly unlimited credit use it as you need it -but you have to be smart.  You can’t just go on permanent vacation so there is some responsibility.

It does however have less hidden fees and downside than a traditional card.  You can spend it as you like – most likely you won’t feel guilty 2 days later, you can pay it back whenever you like with minimal interest.

Really, if at the end of it all you just don’t feel like paying any of it back –  hell – you own the company – you don’t even have to pay it back.


The TCC allows you to just take a day here and there and know that in the grand scheme of things – you are living your life, your way.


Like Uncle Tom says, “work hard but Play hard as well”


I have a little sign in my bathroom my wife bought a few years ago that states

“Often the best things in life aren’t things at all.” – So apply now and start spending! 


 – use you Time Credit Card to discover just what those things are in your life! 

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