First Blog Post – “I feel like my head can drain.” PLUS! – 3 INSTANT tips for Happiness. The reason for the creation of Be Awesome 365



Welcome followers.  I hope to make your day a bit better.

This is my first blog post although to say I’m just beginning would be a sham.

I have been writing and dreaming lectures, articles, ideas, notes and stories for years and it has become more and more difficult for me to keep this stuff in my head and not have an avenue for sharing.  For every good idea coming in, it seems I forget 3.  So here goes.

Thank you for checking me out.  Enough friends have pushed me to write more and it’s way past due.   Here’s me:  I am, for the most part, insanely happy and content.  I have my off days, like we all do,  but my last reply to “how’s your day” read,

“Satisfied to the point of being perceptibly smug”

I’d like to see you in that zone more often.  The idea of Be Awesome 365 is to try and share information and ideas to a larger audience than my normal routine.

I spend my workday in a clinical setting.  I’m a sports based chiropractor – one that really cares,  I explain “why” I do stuff all day every day.   My information highway is usually 1 on 1.  Actually, It’s not a highway at all, but a one way farm roads of ask/answer doctor/patient rules and sloth like changes.  Its good info, just too intimate and tough to make big “to the masses” type changes.

Every day I repeat myself to a new client –  finding the same “canned lecture” is being repeated over and over again, usually with the same/ similar questions, concerns and ideas.   Clinically, this is important.  You pay good money for 1 on 1 setting and deserve my full attention.  If you hurt your shoulder of course you want to know if:

1) you need surgery?

2) can I fix it?

3) low long will this take and how much $?

But I have a need to reach a larger audience – outside of my clinic I want information to be more readily available and the back and forth conversation to happen in an audience setup – feedback, thumbs up, likes whatever….a bigger, faster more efficient scope.

More like the one or two college professors I had who actually discussed and thought and learned, not podium lectured.

Hence – This blog.

but wait….There’s more.  (1980’s sales pitch voice over guy)

I also don’t want to only talk about health, that’s my day job…I want an outlet for me personally –  so here’s the deal.    I will cover multiple topics:

At its coreBeAwesome365 will be a 5 spoke wheel.    We’ll cover:

Health and Fitness – (my 2 main jobs, my definite strong suit and strength)

Life Skills -lets say a bloggy type discussion about home safety/jujitsu/raising kids – things I may know about that aren’t related to my day job – like all of us, I am more than my credentials and letters after my name on the business card.

Body hacks – my newest passion aka BioHacking.   Stuff such as Human performance tricks – how to run faster, jump higher, lose weight like a celebrity etc.

Feel good stuff – aka meditation or head clearing for the type A – things to make you feel better.

Uncle Chad’s tips and tricks – a book idea I had years ago.  What my wife and I term “wisdom pearls.”  These could be 1 or 2 line fortune-cookiesque quips built to make you think or just things I deemed important enough to change my life – I wont write just to fill space, this isn’t uncle Chad’s story time. (unless I preface that it is…I can see that happening, look at my genetics)

I want your life to be more efficient, more rewarding, less stressful and stop the maniac time wasting mundane we face ALL THE TIME.

Please note: (I know you have)

I write the way I speak.  There will be punctuation issues, – parenthesis, semicolons, dashes –  oh man, I love writing with dashes.  There are bound to be slip ups and sometime randomness.  That’s me – If you are following along its because you like my style so I’m not changing.    I use an editor for my published info – this is not that arena.

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO AS OPPOSED TO READING THE “SHOW NOTES” – I;m much more entertaining and you wont have to correct my writing!

*20% RULE:   Each and every blog I write I am planning to stimulate and reach approx. 20- 25% of my followers.   A surefire way to frustration is trying to please everyone, everytime.   My stress is gone y’all, before I start.  This is about AWESOME, NOT DISGRUNTLEMENT.   I have the 5 basic pillars of posts I’m planning (mentioned above).  I should be able to reach all followers and somehow improve your life by shear shotgun physics.

If you happen upon a topic you don’t care about, for God’s sake, skip it.  READ NONE OF IT!   Save your valuable time and do something better than read my stuff.    I’ll try to have something better for you next time.  Note: I’m almost over FB because more often that not it traps me –   PLEASE!  do not allow yourself to get trapped while you’re hanging with me!  If you don’t know me outside of the clinic be prepared for old school hip hop references, name dropping, humor and fun.

(note to facebook:  You guys don’t get world changing huge by sucking – I love FB …I love you for pictures of my kids and funny cat videos and sharing with grandparents.   Its the political rants, private opinions and desires and tagging for advertisement and reaches, the thumbs up justification of my quality of life measured by others that I’m just sooooo over. )

so please note – This ain’t that.

so now you have me – “If you don’t know, now you know, playa”

As this is post 1 – I feel I absolutely have to offer you something so I’ll drop what I told my kids on a drive home a few days ago.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and profoundly. The kids were fighting about who had more jelly beans, sushi, gum or who knows what. I can apply this to money, TV’s, Cars, houses for each of us in the adult world.

I told them, “3 sure ways to be happier, every day of your life, is to:

1) not compare what others have with what you have, just Identify the “you have”

2) Don’t be jealous 

Your friends just got back from Hawaii on an epic life trip?  Tell them, “I’m happy for you.” as opposed to, “I’m sooooo jealous.”

3) Share

It’s pretty simple.  Again, know my audience here –   6 and 4 yr olds.   As the day went on though,  it impacted me – I was looking for 20 minutes of ‘shut the hell up’ and pulled that mess out of my back pocket!

We already have what makes us happy.   All of us.  Its outer influences that are sucking our time and energy.

– Peace!


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